It was with great pleasure I attended the special Iftar that the Civil Service Islamic Society and Crown Prosecution Service Staff Network organised in the Holy month of Ramadhan.

I have got to know about the high esteem with which the CSIS and CPS Staff Network are held, not just since my promotion to a Minister in the Prime Minister’s first reshuffle in June 2007, but also in my role as MP for Tooting since 2005. Recognition of the reputation you have is illustrated by the fact that Richard Devereux, Permanent Secretary for the Department of Transport and Peter Lewis, Chief Executive of the CPS, both joined us to open our fast. It was also good to see non-Muslims from the CPS fasting for the day to show empathy, solidarity and friendship with their Muslim colleagues. I can’t think of a better example of integration in action!

I have a huge soft spot for the CPS; not just because in my previous life I was a lawyer but also because the CPS sponsored last year’s Muslim News Award for Excellence – where I was honoured with an award!

Civil Servants play a really important role in our society. Whether it be working in job centres, acting for the CPS or saying “Yes” to Ministers(!) you have a crucial role in ensuring our society is working. A healthy country needs to have a good and efficient Civil Service and that includes having one that truly reflects the society they wish to serve.

The organisation of Muslims within the Civil Service and CPS, the mentoring and support you provide each other as well as the leadership and friendship role you perform are a credit to the Civil Service, the CPS, our communities and yourself.

I am really proud, as a Muslim and a Minister that our Civil Service has such role models within the organisation who are encouraged to flourish.

I look forward to continuing the various projects I am involved in with the CSIS and to working with the CSIS patron, Sir Gus, to continue to make year on year progress.

Best wishes and good luck for the future

Sadiq Khan MP