There are two individuals who have recently contacted us asking for donations for charities they are working with, Details follow and all enquiries should be sent to the individuals concerned directly –

    Mehvish Ayub recently returned from the Somali region of Ethiopia, to a district called Hargelle. There is a 90km stretch
    of land between the city of Gode in the region and Hargelle, along this stretch there is no availability of water.

    The land is dry and arrid and there are numerous villages dotted around that suffer from drought especially when the rains
    fail. We visited a site called “Kharbosh” where they have started constructing a “Birka”. The Birka acts as a mini
    reservoir and collects water during the rainy season. Wells have high salinity levels are too high making it unfit for
    human consumption, as a result Birkas have been identified as the most efficient method of providing access to water.
    This project has been funded by the EC, however the budget is not sufficient to allow for the construction workers access
    to water whilst they build the Birka. As a result it is incomplete. Islamic Relief are unable to request more money
    from the EC and are looking for donations to complete this. The estimated additional cost is £8500, and is required as
    soon as possible so the Birka is completed before October when the rainy season comes. Even if the rains fail the Birka
    can act as water storage if water trucking ends up taking place.

    For those interested please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to donate.

    Kind Regards – Mehvish Ayub

    +44 (0) 20 7429 1281 – Phone

    Save an Orphan is a non-political and non-profit registered charity based in the UK which primarily focuses on
    providing orphaned children with opportunities to maximise their potential abilities so that they can become influential
    members of the world’s future. Therefore, our global focus is on providing orphans with the basic necessities that
    they naturally deserve; sustenance, protection, a loving environment and a good education. We plan to provide a long-term
    solution to prepare orphans for their future lives, both physically and mentally.

    For further information you can visit the website (this is under construction at present but
    will be ready by next week). Please spread the word of the charity.