As salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah

The cabinet office has published a national risk register as promised as part of the national security strategy published earlier this year. It discusses some of the major threats to the UK at the moment, how likely they are to happen, the potential impacts and what measures can be put in place to avoid them and to mitigate the fallout if they take place.

The key diagram for me is this on page 5 showing the assessment that while they/we believe the most likely “high consequence” risks to affect the UK are “Attacks on Transport”, “Electronic Attacks” and “Attacks on Crowded Places” respectively, the highest impact risks are of a ‘flu pandemic, coastal or inland flooding or major industrial accidents.

Put simply, the UK government (if I understand this correctly) assess the risk of terrorism and other attacks as being more likely than some other threats affecting us, but of lower impact than natural phenomena.

Hat tip to Bruce Schneier for the post