Assalaamu alaykum

My name is Sikander, I am the fulltime Muslim Chaplain serving at HMP & YOI Feltham. Alhamdulillah (All praises for Almighty) I have been here for a great six years during which, we have achieved many things for our young Muslim boys in Prison.

Sadly, Feltham holds an average of 650 boys daily, out of which approx 200 are registered as Muslims! However, by the grace of Almighty approximately 170 attend Jumuah Salaah (Friday Prayers) weekly, Alhamdu lillah (All praises for Almighty) many have started to pray five times a day regularly and many keep optional fasts. A few have also perform Tahajjud (Night time) occasionaly whilst in the prison.

I have a few requests on behalf of my boys.

Religious items: It has been my practise to donate a copy of Qur’an to each Muslim child, which he takes with him when he leaves the establishment. We normally keep a stock of Qur’aans in many languages however, there is a ongoing shortage of Arabic / English Qur’aans I humbly request yourselves to arrange for donations of translation Qurans if possible?

For the past few years we have been donating other artefacts, such as books on Seerah, Salaah, duas, stories of the sahaba, qira’aat, anasheeds and inspiring speeches, itr, mkswak, etc to our Muslim prisoners this year too we would lurve to continue the above by the help of Allah ia.

Food donations: During the month of Ramadhan (month of fasting) we donate: · A handful of Algerian / Tunisian dates daily · 1/2 Kilo Madani dates to all Muslim prisoners (On second Friday) · during the last nights of Laylatul Qadr 25, 27 & 29th A ‘special’ Iftaar meal to all fasting prisoners · & finally, we order Eid Meals from a local restaurant

There are three ways to donate either, by sending a cheque to our suppliers of Islamic material, restaurant or donations direct to the prison.

We would then use your donations in the following areas:

Distributing  dates, Iftaar & Eid meals, etc
Providing religious material; books, musallah, tasbeeh, miswaks, etc
Funding towards a teacher, lessons in Hifdh, Seerah, other religious need, etc
If you wish to donate towards these noble projects kindly post cheque / postal order

payable to ‘The Governor’  envelope addressed to:
Moulana Sikander Khan Pathan
Muslim Chaplain, HMP & YOI Feltham
Bedfont Road, Middlesex, TW13 4ND

You can also make donation directly to the approved restaurant or our Islamic bookshop. Feel free to email me your name and phone numbers for further details.

This will enable me to mange money locally, on a needs driven basis using current prison service resources.
Note: As Ramadhan is round the corner I have already ordered:
£1000’s of Madni & Tunisian Dates
300 alarm clocks
200 Musalla’s / prayer mats
Please do pray for all our 650 boys, staff and mankind.

Kindly email me when you send donation and do not forget to email me your name that appears on your donation cheque I will post receipt or emailing confirmation ia.

I would appreciate if you inform me via email should you decide to post letter on your website !

Pls do pass on to friends and family!

Shukran, Was Salaam
Ps. If you would like to donate to a prison in your locality kindly email name of prison to me and insha’ Allah I will make the link for you!
Pps.  This year again I  am trying to negotiate  an ongoing print of Arabic Qur’aans with English translation for free distribution. If you are interested in ongoing donation towards this noble project please advise me when you email or post donation