As salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah

We’re pleased to announce the forthcoming release of our 2008 survey. We’re calling it members+ because we’re actively marketing the survey to all Muslims in the civil service, not just to members (although these remain our key interest group).

InshaAllah the results will be fully anonymised. If you’d like to get an idea how we used the last survey (2006) you could do worse than check out the presentation sidi Nazeer and sidi Daniel delivered at CS Live, talking about steps we need to make to diversify the civil service. Principally though we’ve used it to push those areas where the survey highlights underrepresentation of Muslims, for example at higher grades (despite high levels of qualification).

It’s really important that we update our information and that we get as many responses as possible – last time around we achieved a 102% response rate!

So keep an eye out for this next week; inshaAllah it should only take a few minutes to complete and really improves our ability to negotiate for better outcomes for Muslims right across Whitehall and beyond.