Sir Gus meeting and a plea for help!

Members of the Council of Management met Sir Gus O Donnell this week and we took the opportunity to exchange ideas and develop some of our goals. In particular, the three things Sir Gus wants most from us:

1) More proactive engagement

2) Build capacity: voice and authority

3) Be a good sounding board for things like a) recruitment and b) policy formulation and delivery

In addition to these ambitions, the CSIS’ ambitions remain: to represent Muslims as a body of people employed by the civil service, to represent Muslims in wider society to policy makers, to represent Islam to wider society and to help Muslims in the civil service progress in their religious and professional lives. We have an ambitious agenda of projects including outreach to potential recruits to the civil service, a widely referenced members’ survey (soon to be repeated inshaAllah), the soon to be announced mentoring scheme and, of course, the beloved newsletter. And yet these are run by just a handful of people. In September this year inshaAllah, that handful is expected to halve in number. Without more people on board, these projects and possibly the CSIS may fail.

If you can spare an hour or two each week to send a few emails to diversity contacts, build links outside the civil service, or anything else that pushes forward these objectives and others besides, inshaAllah you can help change the civil service from a good place to be a Muslim to an excellent place to be a Muslim. Please please get in touch at the usual address.